Doctrina Reformada

Reformed Doctrine
1. Vida Eterna
2. Calvinismo
3. Justificación
4. Santificación
5. Carácter
6. Historia
7. Conf. de fe Westminster, 1646

Since John Calvin the reformer of the Christian church in the XVI century, the reformed faith has reached at almost every  part of the world. The Christian faith, as it were expressed by Calvin, won many followers in an extense area of Europe. In Germany, Hungary, France, Holland, Scotland, England, Ireland, and Poland reformed churches settled down. In some of these places the churches were established under the protection and favor of their own countries (Holanda and Germany by example). In other places, like France and Spain, the reformed christians were seriously  persecuted. The two stronger lines of the reformed church are those founded in Holland and Scotland. From these two countries, and soon England, the reformed faith reached many people. The reformed churches descending of Scotland and his main lider  John Knox, are called Presbiterians. The descendants of Holland are called Reformed Churches, but ahead in the XVII century the Baptists of Calvinist persuasion, came out from England.